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Selecting the right printer is not only concern that you need to keep in your mind before buying. You consider all factors like price, product specification and configuration, size, model, compatibility, etc. Acer printers are such type of devices which are multifunctional and equipped with the most contemporary features. They can, scan, print and save the users’ document and compatible with a variety of devices. Few features of Acer printers are discussed below:-

Near-Field Communication

Near-Field Communication is a technology which is being used in most of electronic devices to share and send digital document from one device to another. Contemporary printers are also using this technology to eliminate the need of messy wires and connecting more than one device with itself. Now you can connect your PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone with Acer printers.

Scanning and Copying

When printing devices are equipped with multiple features than why to stay stuck to those conventional devices which can perform only one single operation. With the increased use of digital documents, scanning has become the important part of office schedule. Acer printer can not only print the document, but also scan and save them so that you can share them with others and it also helps in organizing the office space. Much like scanning, copying is a repetitive activity for the students, professionals, etc.


Since e-mails have become ubiquitous, it seems like faxing technique is on its way to becoming obsolete. But this technique is still in use and hence printers support this feature. Modern printers can fax store more information and fax it at improved speed. They can send more data and receive more data.

Automatic Document Feeder and Both Side Printing

Most of the multifunction printers contain an automatic document feeder because it allows you to put a lot of paper in at once so that you don’t need to feed more in every few minutes while you’re printing the documents in bulk. You’ll want at least the capacity for 30 letter-sized sheets of paper. Another considerable feature is duplexing, means the printer’s ability to print on both sides of the page. It’ll be helpful to print flyers, brochures and save paper.

On the whole, Acer printers are all-in-one device choice, if you want to connect more than one computer either at home or office. These contemporary multifunction printers are easy to configure and offer huge convenience. Even some of them are so excellent that they can just print via Bluetooth (a short-range wireless protocol). It gives you increased flexibility about selecting the place to put the printer. And if you’ve purchased the printer first time and facing any sort of error to install, uninstall or update it speak to the tech support professionals of PCTECH24 for instant help for Acer printers.

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