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The smart printers are the central component of any digital document management system. Dell is renowned name as far as printer manufacturers are concerned. Dell printers enable you to work smarter with document collaboration either at home or workplace. It yields outstanding quality and amazing performance regardless they are monochrome or color printers. It can scan, create and share digital documents to and from multiple cloud services. Its performance is guided and secured by robust security measures.

Features of Dell Printer:-

  • Performs printing operation at fast speed and increase the efficiency of the office work at a great rate.
  • Eliminates the constraints of network wires because it has an external wireless adapter
  • It uses of low-melt toner technology so that quickly warms up the ink at the time of first print out and also reduces the energy consumption.
  • It secures your data with SSL and IPSec while transferring the data over the network and also include Secure Print Feature.
  • With its fast printing technology, it accelerates the work of printing digital documents which increases your work efficiency. It doesn’t let the print command execute until you don’t enter the correct 4-digit code.
  • It’s easy to navigate its functions. It contains a 10-digit numeric keyboard and a 4-line LCD interface.
  • It contains optional high-yield toner cartridges which reduces the cost per page
  • It has a power save button which puts the printer in sleep mode to save the energy consumption
  • It is available with enhanced flexibilities and you can connect it with your PC, phone or tablet to get the printed sheet of paper.
  • Also, you can get the access of your personalized settings on one printer from another.
  • Its convenient tap and print feature allows setting up a connection with the near field communication devices easily.
  • You can also print Microsoft Office and Google documents stored online
  • With secure PDF encryption feature it allows to convert hardcopies into password protected PDFs.
  • Quick and reliable machine at reasonable cost
  • Before printing the document you can preview up to ten 3-page files directly from your touch screen.
  • Scan and convert hard copies to searchable PDFs, editable Microsoft Office documents, and other file formats using its cloud Optical Character Recognition function directly from your printer.

If you’re facing any problem like how to install, uninstall or update your printer connect to the PCTECH24 for all kinds of tech support for Dell Printers.

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