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Windows 10 is the upcoming Windows operating system which is coming with the goal to unify a variety of devices of the same manufacturer and others as well if they are using the same operating system. Microsoft PC, Windows Phones, Xbox One and Windows Embedded product will share its universal application architecture so that the application on one device can be accessed and saved on another device as well. Microsoft services are well integrated with Windows 10 very well and Cortana is an excellent addition to it. It has a new default web browser along with its previous Internet Explorer. PCTECH24 provides tech help to set-up, install, uninstall and optimize Windows 10 on your device.

The most criticized change of Windows 8 (i.e. Start menu) has come back in Windows 10. Start menu and Charm bar is still there in the Windows 10. On the right you can also pin live tiles and on the left you can see the list of pinned and recently used apps. It’s compatible for both devices touch and keyboard and mouse operated with the revision of start menu at the desktop. It has improved security features and very light on memory resources. It has a new framework for biometric authentication and designed in such a way that it’ll adapt the user interface according to the device and command input options will also work accordingly. Although it has a very intuitive interface, but if you’re still struggling how to use it perfectly connect to PCTECH24 to know your OS better.

PCTECH24 Support Services for Windows 10

  • Support for install, uninstall and upgrade Windows 10
  • Support for removing or fixing the software and page loading errors
  • Support for driver updates and security issues
  • Support for system recovery and OS repair
  • Support for networking issues
  • Support for slow speed, degraded performance and lethal attack of viruses
  • Support for registry issues

Windows 10 also allows you to browse the heavier game library and makes the use snapping idea which auto adjust the windows if you’ve opened more than one program. Free upgrade for Windows 7/8 users and since it’s a new operating system about to hit the market very soon so it may be possible that users may find it a bit complex to install it. If you’re facing any such difficulty or having any problem to uninstall or the old OS connect to the tech experts of PCTECH 24 for the best help. As we have the Microsoft certified technicians here who understands the criticality of the users well and we’re available 24*7.

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